Use Your Facebook Profile for Business Benefit

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A solopreneur who wanted to use Facebook more effectively but wasn’t yet ready to create a Facebook Page asked, “Can my personal profile help me in business?” What follows is my answer to her.

Choosing to use your Profile for business helps expand natural visibility in the newsfeed with your friends. Because organic reach (what shows when you hit home) in Facebook is low, I encourage entrepreneurs to use their Profiles in conjunction with a Page. Posting on both a Page and a Profile adds exposure and engagement.

Why? Because our personal and business lives are entwined. Social media requires a personal connection for effectiveness. Personal posts that aren’t overly revealing help accomplish this. Here are a few additional reason to consider using your Profile for business:

  1. If you are interested in being viewed as a thought leader, you need followers. Followers who are not friends can now subscribe to your posts. In order to allow followers in Facebook, go to your general settings. On the left hand side of the page, scroll down to followers. Enable the “Who can follow me” to say “Everybody. This will allow your posts to be publicly visible to people who are not your friends or friends of your friends.
    Merrigan Group Albuquerque suggests you use your Facebook Profile for business benefit by adding subscribers.Merrigan Group Albuquerque suggests you use your Facebook profile for business by enabling everyone to see your posts.
  2. In the “About” section of your Profile, use your website (if you have a Facebook Business Page, use it) as your workplace.
  3. Use keywords and hashtags appropriate to your business brand.
  4. Create “Smart Lists” to segment personal and professional friends if you prefer to do that. You can then post to specific lists rather than posting publicly.
  5. Check that all descriptions and URLs are uniform.
  6. Ensure your backgrounds and other images follow your theme/branding.
  7. Publish consistent, highly useful posts to build brand.

If standing out from the clutter interests you, the time is right to re-think your Facebook Profile for business benefit.

Your personal profile follows you in Groups, for event responses, and everywhere you go on Facebook. The average user spends 20’ on the channel. Why would you NOT want to use the opportunity to open a conversation with a potential customer through your profile?

Experiment to Discover Value in Your Facebook Profile

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Most of my clients are private women, reluctant to talk indiscriminately or reveal disdain for Candy Crush Saga, one of Facebook’s most prevalent games. They understand their personal profile is the entry point to Facebook, the world’s largest social media channel. In a society where personal and professional lives intertwine, and where one of every two U.S. adults log onto Facebook monthly, (eMarketer 2016) a meaningful Facebook profile presence can help build your brand.

The average person spends 20’ per day on Facebook, more time than that given to websites, blogs, or news media on the web. This time allocation is an important indicator of Facebook marketing importance. Once individuals understand how they can better use this social media channel for their brand visibility, there’s less resistance.

Although each situation is different, I find gentle experimentation key to Facebook acceptance. If one can quiet the mind talk long enough to connect with a Facebook benefit, there’s hope. To that end, I share a few simple, fear-busting tests for you to try: NOTE: Pick one of these seven ideas to begin.

Toggle “See First” in your Facebook newsfeed. Do this by opening setting on the left-hand side of your screen, then scrolling down to “newsfeed preferences.” This screen shot shows how you can then prioritize what you want to see first in your news feed.

Merrigan Group suggests you use your newsfeed preferences to add value to your Facebook profile.

Save an interesting article to read later. In a two-step action, click the gray arrow on the right-hand side of the post you are interested in. Arrow down and save the link. In the future you will find the article on the left hand side of your desktop.

Merrigan Group outlines the save feature to add value for your Facebook profile.

Enable the subscriber feature. Your profile (with the subscriber feature enabled) allows you to have an unlimited number of subscribers or followers. As you share through your profile, you’ll increase your brand’s visibility.

Merrigan Group Albuquerque suggests you use subscribe to add value to your Facebook profile.

Experiment with Smart Lists. This will allow you to select audiences for specific posts. Add targeted friends. Create any number of lists and segment your friends as you wish. Friends will not know how you handle this filing system. NOTE: I personally find this technique a bit cumbersome but you may like it.

smart list

Comment on a page you like when it shows in your newsfeed. Say more than “nice article,” or “beautiful.” Take a stand about why this page means something to you. This helps you establish your “voice,” adding to the conversation. It also allows you to add value by putting your comment in the mix. In the example here I commented on a post shared by Amapola Gallery, the co-op gallery to which I belong.

Use comments to add value to your Facebook Profile, a suggestion from Merrigan Group Albuquerque.

Tag a friend in the comment so you can add to the conversation. (Note: Notifications show the tag if they are enabled in your settings.) Backspace once to take out the person’s last name in your tag. This allows your comment to notify them while looking more like conversation. Just for good measure, I also tagged the Page for Amapola Gallery in this example and posted it to a group, Sandia Heights Artists. As you can see, it’s possible to have great fun tagging and sharing and promoting the conversation.

Use tags to add value to your Facebook Profile, a suggestion from Merrigan Group Albuquerque.

Are you inspired to begin?

Resolve to step gently out of your shell with just one of these experiments. Pick the test that resonates most. Or, as you look at the newsfeed, choose the one that first comes to mind.

One client who protested loudly about the stupidity of Facebook had an ‘aha’ moment when she realized she could explore the subjects that interested her (good food), tag her friend who’d just published a cookbook, and find others who shared her love of fashion. Suddenly she saw the reality of community and using Facebook effectively became a reality.

How will you personalize the Facebook experience to add value?

Social Media Vision

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Without a social media vision, social media becomes a catchall for marketing outreach. It’s quick, easy and free. Many 50+ entrepreneurs embrace social media because they’ve been told it’s the new way. Most of these experimenters never define what they want social media to do for them.Mary Ellen Merrigan of Merrigan Group Albuquerque recommends you look to the future to create your social media vision.

In my work with those who didn’t grow up with a smart phone in their hands, my approach to strategy begins with simple questions about outcomes. I guide my clients to talk specifically about how their business will be different as a result of using social media. Together we define a vision.

Author Sees Engaged Group

Take Karen, for example. An author, Karen spent the past two years creating and editing her book while coaching a full complement of clients. She asked, “How do I create a powerful social media presence? I need to figure out where to spend my time.”

I asked my favorite strategy question: Given a fabulously successful book launch, what kind of changes do you see in your business audience?

She described a community of readers who embraced concepts and examples outlined in her book. One of Karen’s dreams included ongoing dialogue. She envisioned crowds who shared resources with each other and freely discussed the exercises outlined in her text.

As she talked, I took notes. Karen described an engagement process, one of the most compelling of all visions. Emotion involves the heart. When participants share from a place of caring, the seeming complexity of social media drops away. Truth drives engagement in such a way as to encourage shares, contributions and reflections.

Without this vision Karen’s posts would undoubtedly focus on educating her audience. She would share excellent quotes, compelling pictures, and certainly good tips and tricks about her subject (because that’s the type of person she is). Sooner or later, she’d stop, or share less often, or quit caring so much because she simply had not one more ounce of time.

With no vision, social media becomes just one more thing on the “to do” list. And who has time to eek out a few more posts just because…

Vision: how do you want it to be? Step number one in creating an effective strategy is to develop a social media vision.

If you’ve never written a vision statement, see this how-to article by Paula Fernandes from Business News Daily, Small Business Solutions and Inspiration.

Social Media Training Enhances Effectiveness

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Tired of running? Try social media training.

There is no finish line for Social Media. Welcome to a process where ongoing learning makes a difference. This runner symbolizes the ongoing effort needed for social media training including a class taught by Merrigan Group for UNMCE.

In a world where static, brochure-type websites no longer cut it, social media training is essential. Social media cannot be started and then forgotten. Of course, you can manage pacing, allowing for peaks and valleys, ebb and flow in your campaigns.

Consider the social media changes you might anticipate:

New channels will emerge, favorites may change, but the learning curve will continue

Tweak, update and fine tune your profiles on each of your channels

Respond to comments on your posts

Hone your content to trending topics, important keywords and new hashtags if necessary

Systematize your output

Learn more about key influencers on your primary channel choices

Set up a “B” and “C” platform

Study your metrics to ensure you are earning a strong return on your investment of time and money

You’ve already made a commitment to strategy. Thoughtful implementation makes a strong next step.

The Continuing Education Department at the University of New Mexico (UNMCE) offers “Marketing with Social Media II,” course #55632, to help you frame next steps in your social media journey. I’m Mary Ellen Merrigan, your course instructor. Together we will work through your next steps to effective social media

Marketing with Social Media II Details:

UNMCE Course # 55632

Tuesdays, May 10, 17, and 24

5:30pm – 8:30 pm May 10 and May 17, 5:30pm – 8:00pm on May 24

CE South Building, Classroom: 207, 1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131

Six ways to register link

Three sessions of this continuing education offering address basic questions such as:

1. What is the secret to making social media work?

  • Find a next step in each major channel
  • Discover how to leverage your messages
  • Answer questions about how often to post
  • Learn new techniques to post your content
  • Review seven key tips to building a successful social media platform in 2016

2. What best practices can I use to expand my content and prevent time creep? 

  • Explore editorial calendars and practice using one
  • Dive into hashtags and understand why they matter
  • Find ways to include multi-media elements in each channel

3. How can I systematize my social efforts?

  • Explore the five most popular tools to utilize in 2016
  • Review 10 social media skills and assess your level of competence with each
  • Know what metrics you will track to evaluate your return on time and money

Your work on social media is guaranteed to save you time in social media. UNMCE’s “Marketing With Social Media II” will help you make plans for effective next steps. Register now to cement your commitment to next steps for effective social media.

Belief in Action forms Base for Social Media

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Once upon a time five young creatives – Jon Beavers, Kristoffer Diaz, Casey Lee Hurt, Ian Merrigan, and Ramiz Monself – began a quest to change the world’s perception of music. Every day they practiced dialogue and melodies, focusing on common threads stemming from a World War I classic blues tune, “St. James Infirmary.” Privately they yearned for a breakthrough, a performance such as “The Wizard of Oz,” to play out on the stage of every high school.

But the troupe was torn between a mass appeal production and their art which encompassed ballads, hip-hop and gospel. Then one day they got accepted into the Oregon Shakespeare festival. Because of that their souls soared, fed with the delight of performing, presenting, communicating and expanding their mash-up of musical narrative.

They worked harder, adding material, communicating more effectively, strengthening the production. They used visual signals such as angst expressed with a strike of the breast. They tightened verbiage and used repetition for reinforcement. They traced the hero’s journey, even mapped it for the public. And while they did NOT achieve national acclaim they managed a national review in The Huffington Post.

Five friends banded together with a belief they could create an original, contemporary music performance. Fueled with creativity, passion and energy “The Unfortunates” is about their goal of redefining Americana.

Belief in cause is the base for social media. These three members of The Unfortunates warm up prior to the performance.

“The Unfortunates” debuted to rave reviews, a cult following and a successful run at the 2013 Oregon Shakespeare Festival. In early 2016, the rousing musical opened in San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater. While strong crowds and amazing reviews may seem normal, the power of this show came from carefully crafted dialogue, actions and multiple hours of practice and performance.

Words, including song titles and phrases, created signals for the cast and audience:

  • “Straight down the center” served as a mantra
  • Truths such as “People perish when the vision dies,” offered commentary
  • “Good to be the King” described the false sense of bravado
  • “Tell me where it hurts” emphasized the problems of plague and our heroine
  • “Old Time Glory” celebrates all that is good

Actions of note:

  • Before the show three members of the cast complete their warm-ups in the lobby, luring both patrons and passersby into the theater
  • Hero Big Joe’s symbolic fists were encased in boxing gloves, used as metaphors and emphasized in cartoonish ways throughout the drama
  • Bold chest thumps signaled reactions to the audience during the play
  • Following the show, the cast mingled with the audience, answering questions, posing for pictures and celebrating the eventBelief in the cause a base for social media. The Unfortunates cast members pose with their audience after the show.

Belief, verbiage and action are the three pillars to success. Nowhere are these three strategies more important than in social media. Regardless of quick fix promises, it’s a long, slow journey from idea to fruition. Sometime must carry you during the ‘tween times. Belief in the cause can do that. During the six years preceding their review in The Huffington Post, cast members continued to challenge themselves and do the basics necessary to success. Social media requires a similar long-term commitment. Your followers today are the work of your past several months of consistent postings.

In another parallel, the hero’s journey is supported by an oft-repeated, frequently rephrased theme. Language defines and supports your mission/purpose. Like Big Joe in The Unfortunates, you can repeat talking points in a variety of ways. This means you must think through your purpose. What do you choose to do with social media? How will your world be different in one year because you use social media effectively?

Finally, take action to make a difference. Without action nothing happens. I’m impressed with action in “The Unfortunates.” What I discovered from my brief exposure to the cast: they don’t torture themselves with commentary. In other words, they don’t read and re-read reviews, or spend a great deal of time worrying about future or past performances. It’s a grueling schedule of six days per week, two performances a day on Wednesday and Saturdays. The focus is on performance, present performance. With a present performance mindset, they do what’s necessary each day to move forward. Imagine how your output could be enhanced with a present performance focus.

What action will you do today to move your social media forward?

Self-Promotion for Artists Class Begins 4-13-16

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This artist might be interested in the UNMCE class, Self Promotion for Artists.So this is the year you decided to get serious about self-promotion, and it’s already March. Maybe you’d like to place pieces of your portfolio online in preparation for landing a job, or upgrading to a new position. Or, could be you’ve decided this is the time to add a client or two to your practice, and you want to update your image and relevant collateral materials.

No matter your avocation, if you’re considering the future, promoting yourself is on the horizon as well. Self Promotion for Artists, Class #55622, a regular offering from UNM Continuing Education (UNMCE) will give you the templates and the techniques to generate a marketing plan for yourself.

In a practical, high-content, five-hour class, you explore how best to promote yourself and your offering. You’ll come away with dozens of ideas about how to garner visibility. The interactive atmosphere encourages questions and hands-on learning experiences. For example, you will practice an elevator speech, discover why your bio is key to your success and learn what a media kit could do for you.

Need a press release? You’ll complete one as a result of this class and receive an e-book discussing how and when to use it.

Self-Promotion for Artists contains information useful to participants in a variety of Digital Arts certificate programs. Instructor Mary Ellen Merrigan is approachable and knowledgeable about publicity techniques.

A few comments from past participants include:

“Feedback about my bio was awesome.”
“I’ll keep practicing. This is a safe place to go forward.”
“I’m thinking about what we said about my website and how that impacts my brand and identity.”
“This was a great way to zone in on what to focus on for business. I’d not really thought about advertising myself.”
“Thanks to this class I can now pitch an idea. What an immense help.”

It’s always appropriate to invest in yourself. Self Promotion for Artists will assist you with that investment and pay dividends over and over as you apply the skills presented.

Registration information and class details:

Self Promotion for Artists

Course # 55622 – Wednesday April 13 & 20, 2016

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result. Prerequisite: None.

UNMCE offers six easy ways to enroll.

Mobile Phone Growth Launches Social Media Rethink

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Mobile Phones and Social Media Communication

“We need to become more familiar to our public. I see them using smartphones while they wait for an appointment. Often these customers have been referred into us so we need to reach individuals at the referring organization as well. Will social media help us do that?”

This woman is using a mobile phone and social media.

You, like this caller may experience concerns about social media. Maybe you worry the changing world will pass you by. Or, you ignore the obvious need to ‘get current’ and loudly tout your digital freedom. The fact of the matter is neither position gives you or your business an edge.


  • Five times as many smartphones are sold each day as babies are born.
  • Americans spend almost as much time in mobile apps as they do watching TV and 88% use their phones while they watch TV
  • Three of every four Americans bring their phones into the bathroom with them.
  • There are 1.4 billion smartphones. That’s one smartphone for every 4.5 people on earth. In comparison, there are only 2 billion PCs.
  • There are 191 billion emails sent and received on mobile each day. That is more mail than the USPS processes in an entire year!
  • The average American spends 3.3 hours/day on smartphones, over 2x the amount of time spent eating, over 1/3 tie spent sleeping each day and over 1/3 of the time spent working each day.
  • See the Infographic

People frequently access Facebook or other social channels from their smart phones. Before you join the crowd ‘just because,’ step back. Ask questions. Determine what’s right for you.

Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Ask and answer strategic questions before you begin a social media campaign and the likelihood of success increases exponentially. Strategic thinking by any name considers outcomes. In the example above, the caller identified two “customers” for messages: end users and those who referred them.

The process of staking claim to an audience is one many pass over, assuming ‘everyone’ is a customer. While the UNMCE class, Marketing with Social Media I, doesn’t define every audience segment for participants, it gives guidelines and encourages conversation about the topic, thus allowing peer confirmation.

Together students follow a seven-step process to plan social media using implementation of an acronym, DYNAMIC. (After all, you want your social media communication to be dynamic, don’t you?)

Marketing with Social Media I, class # 55621 from University of New Mexico Continuing Education (UNMCE) begins March 8, 2016 for two segments. The class offers interactive opportunities for participants to discuss their plans and begin implementation during the week between meetings.

In addition, UNMCE offers a follow up, Marketing with Social Media II on May 10, 2016. (Three sessions, 5/10/16, 5/17/16 and 5/24/16.) The weeks between late March and early May serve as a natural practicum, so participants can practice social media without overwhelm. What a concept.

While every class is different, one thing remains the same: strategic planning works. It helps you look at the big social media picture and then implement practical ways to get to your goal.

“How?” you ask. My standard answer is three-pronged: 1. Start small. 2. Be consistent. 3. Keep going.

If you’ve never developed a social media campaign, Marketing with Social Media I and II offers tips to begin. If you’ve been active on a number of social media channels without great success, these classes show you how to pull your efforts together and leverage them for more visibility.

You need not fear social media. Instead, as a result of Marketing with Social Media you’ll discover a system to implement best practices quickly and effectively. Mobile phones and their importance to social media will only continue to grow. Rather than hide from it, resolve to address mobile phone growth as an opportunity you and your business will meet successfully.

According to companies like A T & T, the ability to communicate is now the single most important factor for success. More than ever today, we must learn to communicate effectively on social media.

Wait no longer. UNMCE offers six ways to enroll at this link: <>

UNMCE Marketing With Social Media Online Is NOT…

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Is Your Social Media Up to Par?

Tired of beating yourself up about social media?bigstock-Businesswoman-getting-crazy-in-26987783

Do you feel the deafening sound of too much content drowns your meager social media efforts? Statistics tell us we’re receiving more than 700 messages daily but most of us think our personal number is even higher. The sheer amount of information threatens one’s sanity. Who can you believe? What should you read first? The promise of bigger, louder and more often continues. “Big buzz sells,” you conclude. After all, dozens of claims, each more astounding than the previous, vie for attention. Newsletters promise overnight results, if only…. Who can you believe? Is there really hope?

What if you embraced another way? Marketing with Social Media Online from UNMCE offers a sane approach. Let’s begin by examining what this class is NOT:

3 Things UNMCE’s Marketing With Social Media Online is NOT:

  1. This class is not a quick fix that will immediately elevate you to social media genius status. I’m suspicious of quick fixes. The louder the claims, (and the more frequently they are presented) the faster I run. Few people want to hear work is involved, especially with a class. I get that. However, if you’ll put in the time, your social media experience will change and improve. This class offers a system. Even more importantly, your class exercises can be immediately applied to your business. Throughout our time together, you’ll be encouraged to develop an awareness of what resonates and works for you. You will also receive feedback on your work.
  2. Nor is this class a substitute for the learning curve involved with social media. As you build your social media foundation you’ll find it easier to execute, but there’s no way of escaping the ‘new territory’ syndrome. Some challenges exist. Like a workout routine you haven’t experienced, social media requires attention and practice. It takes time to develop the pattern and timing best for you. You may also find, at least initially, you need to give something up to make room for social media interactions.
  3. Finally, this class is not superficial theory. Practical aspects of each module are stressed and highlighted with real-world examples, case studies and/or statistics. You’re offered bite-sized pieces of social media and guided to additional resources which can be explored on your own. In each session students apply principles to their business and their experience. Online discussion groups aid with this opportunity. Feedback is provided. Information from sessions can be immediately applied which means you benefit from day one.

Describe Class #55634 – Marketing With Social Media Online:

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or way to stand out as a job applicant.

Students begin with six major social media channels. The class offers an overview of strategic questions so participants can evaluate where to best place their efforts. While specific tips, hints and tricks are offered for each channel discussed, the strategic information for this course can be applied to the social media channel of each student’s choosing.

Of more importance is your “why.” What will be different in a year because you use social media? Why do you want to use social media differently? Will you commit the effort to make a difference for yourself?

Like it or hate it, social media is one of today’s most talked about subjects. It’s referred to as: “Overwhelming.” “Terrifying.” “A necessary evil.” While you may not rave about social media, you’ll gain a healthy dose of respect for and understanding of it as a result of UNMCE’s Class #55634, Marketing With Social Media Online.

UNMCE offers six ways to register. Investigate now.

Disclosure: This is a pilot class for UNMCE. I am the instructor for the course and am building the online offering with the help of the UNM Instructional Design Team.

Business as Unusual

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UNMCE, Social Media and #Quest2016 Converge

My December deadlines relate to Social Media, Winter Semester and University of New Mexico Continuing Education, UNMCE as I develop an online class for March 2016 debut.

The project, Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE, Course #55634, is a pilot for the UNMCE Digital Arts Program. I’m proud to tackle the challenge and grateful for (and a bit awed by) the team that is making it possible.

Why this challenge – UNMCE social media online – now?

For the past seven years, I’ve taught marketing and social media for the Digital Arts program at UNMCE. My courses have evolved from one time offerings to requirements of digital arts certificate programs, including the Business and Marketing Certificate and Social Media Certificate. My thanks to Caroline Orcutt, program supervisor, for the confidence she displayed in giving me the original instruction opportunity as well as the online pilot.

As a result of participant feedback, I’ve refined the class series each semester and added to its content with specifics related to social channels, social media tools and shortcuts to serve the business user. At the same time I’ve upgraded my skills, acquiring UNMCE’s online instructional certificate and continuing my study of what works in social media with various seminars, workshops and offerings.

During the past seven years the UNMCE facilities have also been upgraded. Seamless technology allows for both audio and video additions to the classroom. The ease of access to multi-media is particularly helpful with social media offerings.

The 100% online product moves the course to yet another level, allowing participants to access education on their terms from their home or office at a time of day that best works for them.

Collaboration allows for synergyThis rainbow signifies the convergence of UNMCE, social media and Quest 2016.

Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, I can concentrate on content strategy. Megan Hauser,  an Instructional Media Specialist for Online Course Development & Faculty Services at UNM Extended Learning will develop the online specifics. Her expertise ensures professional materials enhanced by technology. Megan’s ideas during our initial brainstorming inspired me to rework the syllabus. (I can’t wait to see her first demonstration!)

In addition to Megan, Caroline is reviewing materials and contributing ideas. A member of the UNMCE marketing team will help publicize the course. At least two former students will audit the program before it goes live to further ensure a quality presentation.

What’s different or unusual about teamwork?

The pre-planning required for everyone to meet their deadlines puts me in the development driving seat during the busiest time of year. Instead of indulging in holiday parties, I’m timing segments and writing objectives for what will be presented in March 2016. More importantly, instead of depending solely on myself, I’m discovering what we produce as a team, together, is far greater than any single contribution.

As I first noted, I find myself challenged, grateful for and awed by the opportunity to put Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE.

Conclusion: UNMCE, social media & Quest 2016 converge well

This Fourth Quarter 2015 initiative marks my re-commitment to ‘business as unusual.’ You may have heard me discuss Jeffrey Davis and his Tracking Wonder tour which I attended during July in Albuquerque. Jeffrey made a passionate presentation suggesting we all do ‘business as unusual.’ Since that time, I’ve given attention to details that comprise the unusual. In November, I took THE pledge:

“As a business artist, creative, entrepreneur, I am dedicated to living 2016 differently. I am living the year as a quest to make my best work, make a difference, and make a right livelihood while bringing out the best in others. My quest counters business as usual and contributes to business as art.”

Read more about #Quest2016 and take your own pledge here.

Thanks to Jeffrey Davis and the Tracking Wonder Tour for inspiring me to #Quest2016, business as unusual. This class will be a part of the theme.

Concentrate on Social Media With Fall Classes at UNMCE

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Three classes, each of which emphasizes Social Media, comprise my Fall offerings for UNMCE. They include:This rainbow illustrates the pot of gold some look for with social media.

Marketing with Social Media I | #55631

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or ways to stand out as a job applicant.

Tuesdays, 10/6/15 – 10/20/15

Marketing with Social Media II | #55632

Go beyond tweets, likes and plus 1’s as you focus on your customer and their needs. Refine your social media purpose and discover creative ways to use Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube for business with content, timing, special tips and tools. Learn to take your business beyond superficial pages and posts that will continue to provide ROI as you review integrated social media campaigns, audit your own social media, develop a synchronized editorial calendar and a social media checklist.

Tuesdays, 10/27/15 – 11/10/15

Self-Promotion for Artists|#55622

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result.

Wednesdays, 10/14/15 – 10/21/15

The scope of each class has shifted as UNMCE recently adjusted hours for various certificates. Because each class is shortened, participants may find it easier to complete the offerings or work them into an otherwise full schedule life.

As a business artist myself, I emphasize simple explanations, a step-by-step way in which to incorporate and market with social media. My purpose in teaching is to share best practices and encourage students to use the medium in ways that serve rather than overwhelm.

The hours spent in these classes will shine a different perspective on social media, allowing participants to connect it to purpose. Once the “why” is identified, the work itself becomes more rewarding. With tools, systems and an overall plan, the time involved is streamlined and the results become more focused.

During each class, students complete practical interactions around questions about Social Media including:

  • What posts work?
  • How do I expand my audience?
  • What is the difference between local attention for a brick and mortar business and marketing a service?
  • How is a post on Facebook different from one on Google+?
  • Is Pinterest worthwhile?
  • Why do I need a different bio on LinkedIn and Instagram? How are bios the same?

In addition to a review of each channel’s advantages and disadvantages, participants experience peer review as they work on practical applications of the materials.

The Advanced class focuses on specific campaign techniques to create return. Students will find the sections complement and build on each other.

Self-Promotion for Artists begins October 14, 2015. You can see the course description (above) or this earlier blog post for detailed information about this class.

Choose easy registration for UNMCE classes.

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