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Readers of this blog know I teach for UNM Continuing Education. This semester, I’m excited to create a web-enhanced class for UNMCE.bigstock_Social_Media_Street_Sign_21246740

Marketing with Social Media, UNMCE #55623, has a new component: students will log onto a website to post on a discussion board and do various assignments, upload assignments or read and/or watch assignments for class.

Web-enhanced is a natural component of social media. The process  mimics social media, albeit in a smaller fishbowl. It makes it simple for class participants to truly start where they are and connect with each other.

These connections form a basis for understanding, experimentation and learning, each key to success with social media.

Frequently students of this class make comments such as these when they begin:

  • “I’m not getting the potential out of my efforts on social media”
  • “What more is there to know about social media? You post and go.”
  • “How can I use social media to get the word out about my business?”
  • “I’m promoting my business but nothing’s happening. What am I doing wrong?”

Like advertising, there is little black and white about social media. It must be experienced to be understood. Some concepts are easily grasped. Others must be seen to be understood.

The advantage of this learning series is that participants practice class principles during the time between sessions and can ask questions related to the experience. Web-enhanced exercises can offer peer feedback in addition to additional resources customized to individual needs.

For those who want confirmation beyond case studies and theories, Marketing With Social Media is a great solution.

Each class session focuses on best practices for social media. Participants develop a simple formula to systematize social media and receive handy checklist handouts for each of the big six social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. At the end of the class series, students present their social media game plan.

Class #55623, Marketing With Social Media, Description:

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or ways to stand out as a job applicant.

Tuition: $239.00

Thursday evenings, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

10/30/14 – 11/13/14

There are six easy ways to register at UNMCE.   

 If you’re ready to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go, sign up now.

If you need more information or to ask a specific question, email me.


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