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UNMCE, Social Media and #Quest2016 Converge

My December deadlines relate to Social Media, Winter Semester and University of New Mexico Continuing Education, UNMCE as I develop an online class for March 2016 debut.

The project, Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE, Course #55634, is a pilot for the UNMCE Digital Arts Program. I’m proud to tackle the challenge and grateful for (and a bit awed by) the team that is making it possible.

Why this challenge – UNMCE social media online – now?

For the past seven years, I’ve taught marketing and social media for the Digital Arts program at UNMCE. My courses have evolved from one time offerings to requirements of digital arts certificate programs, including the Business and Marketing Certificate and Social Media Certificate. My thanks to Caroline Orcutt, program supervisor, for the confidence she displayed in giving me the original instruction opportunity as well as the online pilot.

As a result of participant feedback, I’ve refined the class series each semester and added to its content with specifics related to social channels, social media tools and shortcuts to serve the business user. At the same time I’ve upgraded my skills, acquiring UNMCE’s online instructional certificate and continuing my study of what works in social media with various seminars, workshops and offerings.

During the past seven years the UNMCE facilities have also been upgraded. Seamless technology allows for both audio and video additions to the classroom. The ease of access to multi-media is particularly helpful with social media offerings.

The 100% online product moves the course to yet another level, allowing participants to access education on their terms from their home or office at a time of day that best works for them.

Collaboration allows for synergyThis rainbow signifies the convergence of UNMCE, social media and Quest 2016.

Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, I can concentrate on content strategy. Megan Hauser,  an Instructional Media Specialist for Online Course Development & Faculty Services at UNM Extended Learning will develop the online specifics. Her expertise ensures professional materials enhanced by technology. Megan’s ideas during our initial brainstorming inspired me to rework the syllabus. (I can’t wait to see her first demonstration!)

In addition to Megan, Caroline is reviewing materials and contributing ideas. A member of the UNMCE marketing team will help publicize the course. At least two former students will audit the program before it goes live to further ensure a quality presentation.

What’s different or unusual about teamwork?

The pre-planning required for everyone to meet their deadlines puts me in the development driving seat during the busiest time of year. Instead of indulging in holiday parties, I’m timing segments and writing objectives for what will be presented in March 2016. More importantly, instead of depending solely on myself, I’m discovering what we produce as a team, together, is far greater than any single contribution.

As I first noted, I find myself challenged, grateful for and awed by the opportunity to put Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE.

Conclusion: UNMCE, social media & Quest 2016 converge well

This Fourth Quarter 2015 initiative marks my re-commitment to ‘business as unusual.’ You may have heard me discuss Jeffrey Davis and his Tracking Wonder tour which I attended during July in Albuquerque. Jeffrey made a passionate presentation suggesting we all do ‘business as unusual.’ Since that time, I’ve given attention to details that comprise the unusual. In November, I took THE pledge:

“As a business artist, creative, entrepreneur, I am dedicated to living 2016 differently. I am living the year as a quest to make my best work, make a difference, and make a right livelihood while bringing out the best in others. My quest counters business as usual and contributes to business as art.”

Read more about #Quest2016 and take your own pledge here.

Thanks to Jeffrey Davis and the Tracking Wonder Tour for inspiring me to #Quest2016, business as unusual. This class will be a part of the theme.


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