Carol Holland March

Speculative Fiction Author Carol Holland March Launches Visibility Plan

When speculative fiction author Carol Holland March paused at the cusp of going to the next level, she called on Mary Ellen Merrigan for coaching.

In less than 90 days, Carol cited significant progress toward her goals.

“Mary Ellen put her finger on how frightened I was of marketing in meeting number one. Her coaching Carol Holland Marchallowed me to organize my thoughts about social media, define solutions for my business and then tweak the approach based on what was/wasn’t working.”

Customized social media plans get considerable lip service these days. Even traditional publications require authors to have information on the web and in social media.

Thanks to her experience, Carol acknowledges the importance of revisiting and revising strategies.

“I thought Facebook represented the bulk of social media. I had a Facebook page and assumed I was well on the road to social media. Still, in the back of my mind, I knew I also needed a platform to market my fiction. With Mary Ellen questioning and directing me, I started to clarify my goals.”

The spoke and wheel emphasis

Instead of implementing social media solely because it was expected, Carol organized and defined her online approach, beginning with a blog. She defined the focus of her blog, honed in on blog topics and began to calendar a publication plan.

“Without a platform, you can’t sell books. Mary Ellen helped me craft a platform with my website, as the foundation, my email list, my social media accounts and my published articles.”

“Our sessions focused on ways in which I could further maximize the visibility of what I’d already published: articles and short stories. Of course I posted on Facebook, and then I would Tweet and post on Google+.”

“I learned how to use Twitter to find other writing experts and study their work. I followed editors and potential collaborators. I found myself learning what I most needed to know.”

Is social media really manageable now?

“Some days more so than others. I love writing and that’s what I want to do. Being ‘out there’ in the social media world seems strained and unnatural, and yet I continue to discover how it helps.”

“As an author, I need data to test ideas. I discovered my blog posts of book reviews lead to author requests. My communication with other authors on social media sites adds to blog traffic. The process is working and beginning to make sense.”

“Realistically, I’ve gone from ‘overwhelm’ to nearly manageable.”

Carol, who met Mary Ellen in the spring 2010 session of the University of New Mexico Continuing Education’s “Marketing with Social Media, began her coaching program nearly three years later, as she prepared to launch her fantasy novel, “The Dreamwalkers of Larreta.”

“I hired Mary Ellen to get serious about online visibility.”

“One of the things I most enjoy is Mary Ellen’s ability to customize our session to my specific needs. And, those needs change moment to moment. For example, in preparing for a writer’s conference presentation, Mary Ellen challenged me to refine my speech, highlighting my novel more persuasively. She helped me and hone my speech to my goals. It was extremely satisfying and ‘spot on!’”

“I’d recommend Mary Ellen Merrigan to any writer who wants additional visibility online. I’d hire her again. And I have!”