Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse Case Study

Coach, author and artist Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse keeps Mary Ellen Merrigan on her team for one reason:130502_99U

“Mary Ellen’s a catalyst! When I brainstorm with her we invariably come up with fantastic promotional ideas. Her combination of planning and spontaneity lets me corral the plethora of ideas I’ve always got working in my mind.”

After one brainstorming session, Cynthia re-wrote her launch plan for Journey Juju, a blog about leaving everything to live a dream in Europe. She tied the kickoff into Leap Year. A single event morphed into 29 significant posts, each of which walked readers through different ways to make a creative leap.

Cynthia’s insight and prompts let readers experience and savor the monumental jump. With Mary Ellen’s encouragement, Cynthia shared her fears, her excitement, and her ideas about confronting each. She explained the why behind her thinking, exposing her vulnerabilities and at the same time, inviting conversation and connection.

“Mary Ellen helps me walk my talk. She’s not afraid to challenge me or suggest changes. She “gets it” and because we’re able to have authentic, strong and meaningful conversations, our work together becomes more beneficial.

The emotion around Cynthia’s creative ventures causes her to evaluate her associations differently.

“The bigger thing Mary Ellen does is combine public relations and marketing expertise. She looks with a professional eye at what I’m doing. When you’re taking risks and launching things as I do, you need someone like that.”

As a part of her launch, Cynthia wanted to add a PR element. She found the perfect coach and helper in Mary Ellen, and produced several press releases, completed a media kit and a Frequently Asked Questions series.

“PR was a big blind spot in my business and marketing. Mary Ellen illuminated it and walked me through how to do it right. That kind of learning experience really helped me grow.”

Since Journey JuJu, Cynthia has launched more than five other major projects. Through it all, she’s emphasized her creativity and her serial ideas and worked with Mary Ellen to pinpoint persuasive tactics for maximum impact.

Cynthia and Mary Ellen also share an intense devotion to creativity. Throughout their five year association, the two have challenged each other to new levels.

“Mary Ellen can get on my side of the desk and she can prod me to think from the reader’s side, too. I like how she leads me to the leap of tackling and completing a project by simply calendaring it. Her organized mind helps me simplify the tasks involved.”

But it’s the “spontaneous ideas that work” that cause Cynthia Morris to give an enthusiastic “thumbs up” to her ongoing work with Mary Ellen Merrigan.