Social Media Training Enhances Effectiveness

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Tired of running? Try social media training.

There is no finish line for Social Media. Welcome to a process where ongoing learning makes a difference. This runner symbolizes the ongoing effort needed for social media training including a class taught by Merrigan Group for UNMCE.

In a world where static, brochure-type websites no longer cut it, social media training is essential. Social media cannot be started and then forgotten. Of course, you can manage pacing, allowing for peaks and valleys, ebb and flow in your campaigns.

Consider the social media changes you might anticipate:

New channels will emerge, favorites may change, but the learning curve will continue

Tweak, update and fine tune your profiles on each of your channels

Respond to comments on your posts

Hone your content to trending topics, important keywords and new hashtags if necessary

Systematize your output

Learn more about key influencers on your primary channel choices

Set up a “B” and “C” platform

Study your metrics to ensure you are earning a strong return on your investment of time and money

You’ve already made a commitment to strategy. Thoughtful implementation makes a strong next step.

The Continuing Education Department at the University of New Mexico (UNMCE) offers “Marketing with Social Media II,” course #55632, to help you frame next steps in your social media journey. I’m Mary Ellen Merrigan, your course instructor. Together we will work through your next steps to effective social media

Marketing with Social Media II Details:

UNMCE Course # 55632

Tuesdays, May 10, 17, and 24

5:30pm – 8:30 pm May 10 and May 17, 5:30pm – 8:00pm on May 24

CE South Building, Classroom: 207, 1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131

Six ways to register link

Three sessions of this continuing education offering address basic questions such as:

1. What is the secret to making social media work?

  • Find a next step in each major channel
  • Discover how to leverage your messages
  • Answer questions about how often to post
  • Learn new techniques to post your content
  • Review seven key tips to building a successful social media platform in 2016

2. What best practices can I use to expand my content and prevent time creep? 

  • Explore editorial calendars and practice using one
  • Dive into hashtags and understand why they matter
  • Find ways to include multi-media elements in each channel

3. How can I systematize my social efforts?

  • Explore the five most popular tools to utilize in 2016
  • Review 10 social media skills and assess your level of competence with each
  • Know what metrics you will track to evaluate your return on time and money

Your work on social media is guaranteed to save you time in social media. UNMCE’s “Marketing With Social Media II” will help you make plans for effective next steps. Register now to cement your commitment to next steps for effective social media.

Self-Promotion for Artists Class Begins 4-13-16

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This artist might be interested in the UNMCE class, Self Promotion for Artists.So this is the year you decided to get serious about self-promotion, and it’s already March. Maybe you’d like to place pieces of your portfolio online in preparation for landing a job, or upgrading to a new position. Or, could be you’ve decided this is the time to add a client or two to your practice, and you want to update your image and relevant collateral materials.

No matter your avocation, if you’re considering the future, promoting yourself is on the horizon as well. Self Promotion for Artists, Class #55622, a regular offering from UNM Continuing Education (UNMCE) will give you the templates and the techniques to generate a marketing plan for yourself.

In a practical, high-content, five-hour class, you explore how best to promote yourself and your offering. You’ll come away with dozens of ideas about how to garner visibility. The interactive atmosphere encourages questions and hands-on learning experiences. For example, you will practice an elevator speech, discover why your bio is key to your success and learn what a media kit could do for you.

Need a press release? You’ll complete one as a result of this class and receive an e-book discussing how and when to use it.

Self-Promotion for Artists contains information useful to participants in a variety of Digital Arts certificate programs. Instructor Mary Ellen Merrigan is approachable and knowledgeable about publicity techniques.

A few comments from past participants include:

“Feedback about my bio was awesome.”
“I’ll keep practicing. This is a safe place to go forward.”
“I’m thinking about what we said about my website and how that impacts my brand and identity.”
“This was a great way to zone in on what to focus on for business. I’d not really thought about advertising myself.”
“Thanks to this class I can now pitch an idea. What an immense help.”

It’s always appropriate to invest in yourself. Self Promotion for Artists will assist you with that investment and pay dividends over and over as you apply the skills presented.

Registration information and class details:

Self Promotion for Artists

Course # 55622 – Wednesday April 13 & 20, 2016

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result. Prerequisite: None.

UNMCE offers six easy ways to enroll.

Mobile Phone Growth Launches Social Media Rethink

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Mobile Phones and Social Media Communication

“We need to become more familiar to our public. I see them using smartphones while they wait for an appointment. Often these customers have been referred into us so we need to reach individuals at the referring organization as well. Will social media help us do that?”

This woman is using a mobile phone and social media.

You, like this caller may experience concerns about social media. Maybe you worry the changing world will pass you by. Or, you ignore the obvious need to ‘get current’ and loudly tout your digital freedom. The fact of the matter is neither position gives you or your business an edge.


  • Five times as many smartphones are sold each day as babies are born.
  • Americans spend almost as much time in mobile apps as they do watching TV and 88% use their phones while they watch TV
  • Three of every four Americans bring their phones into the bathroom with them.
  • There are 1.4 billion smartphones. That’s one smartphone for every 4.5 people on earth. In comparison, there are only 2 billion PCs.
  • There are 191 billion emails sent and received on mobile each day. That is more mail than the USPS processes in an entire year!
  • The average American spends 3.3 hours/day on smartphones, over 2x the amount of time spent eating, over 1/3 tie spent sleeping each day and over 1/3 of the time spent working each day.
  • See the Infographic

People frequently access Facebook or other social channels from their smart phones. Before you join the crowd ‘just because,’ step back. Ask questions. Determine what’s right for you.

Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Ask and answer strategic questions before you begin a social media campaign and the likelihood of success increases exponentially. Strategic thinking by any name considers outcomes. In the example above, the caller identified two “customers” for messages: end users and those who referred them.

The process of staking claim to an audience is one many pass over, assuming ‘everyone’ is a customer. While the UNMCE class, Marketing with Social Media I, doesn’t define every audience segment for participants, it gives guidelines and encourages conversation about the topic, thus allowing peer confirmation.

Together students follow a seven-step process to plan social media using implementation of an acronym, DYNAMIC. (After all, you want your social media communication to be dynamic, don’t you?)

Marketing with Social Media I, class # 55621 from University of New Mexico Continuing Education (UNMCE) begins March 8, 2016 for two segments. The class offers interactive opportunities for participants to discuss their plans and begin implementation during the week between meetings.

In addition, UNMCE offers a follow up, Marketing with Social Media II on May 10, 2016. (Three sessions, 5/10/16, 5/17/16 and 5/24/16.) The weeks between late March and early May serve as a natural practicum, so participants can practice social media without overwhelm. What a concept.

While every class is different, one thing remains the same: strategic planning works. It helps you look at the big social media picture and then implement practical ways to get to your goal.

“How?” you ask. My standard answer is three-pronged: 1. Start small. 2. Be consistent. 3. Keep going.

If you’ve never developed a social media campaign, Marketing with Social Media I and II offers tips to begin. If you’ve been active on a number of social media channels without great success, these classes show you how to pull your efforts together and leverage them for more visibility.

You need not fear social media. Instead, as a result of Marketing with Social Media you’ll discover a system to implement best practices quickly and effectively. Mobile phones and their importance to social media will only continue to grow. Rather than hide from it, resolve to address mobile phone growth as an opportunity you and your business will meet successfully.

According to companies like A T & T, the ability to communicate is now the single most important factor for success. More than ever today, we must learn to communicate effectively on social media.

Wait no longer. UNMCE offers six ways to enroll at this link: <>

Business as Unusual

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UNMCE, Social Media and #Quest2016 Converge

My December deadlines relate to Social Media, Winter Semester and University of New Mexico Continuing Education, UNMCE as I develop an online class for March 2016 debut.

The project, Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE, Course #55634, is a pilot for the UNMCE Digital Arts Program. I’m proud to tackle the challenge and grateful for (and a bit awed by) the team that is making it possible.

Why this challenge – UNMCE social media online – now?

For the past seven years, I’ve taught marketing and social media for the Digital Arts program at UNMCE. My courses have evolved from one time offerings to requirements of digital arts certificate programs, including the Business and Marketing Certificate and Social Media Certificate. My thanks to Caroline Orcutt, program supervisor, for the confidence she displayed in giving me the original instruction opportunity as well as the online pilot.

As a result of participant feedback, I’ve refined the class series each semester and added to its content with specifics related to social channels, social media tools and shortcuts to serve the business user. At the same time I’ve upgraded my skills, acquiring UNMCE’s online instructional certificate and continuing my study of what works in social media with various seminars, workshops and offerings.

During the past seven years the UNMCE facilities have also been upgraded. Seamless technology allows for both audio and video additions to the classroom. The ease of access to multi-media is particularly helpful with social media offerings.

The 100% online product moves the course to yet another level, allowing participants to access education on their terms from their home or office at a time of day that best works for them.

Collaboration allows for synergyThis rainbow signifies the convergence of UNMCE, social media and Quest 2016.

Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, I can concentrate on content strategy. Megan Hauser,  an Instructional Media Specialist for Online Course Development & Faculty Services at UNM Extended Learning will develop the online specifics. Her expertise ensures professional materials enhanced by technology. Megan’s ideas during our initial brainstorming inspired me to rework the syllabus. (I can’t wait to see her first demonstration!)

In addition to Megan, Caroline is reviewing materials and contributing ideas. A member of the UNMCE marketing team will help publicize the course. At least two former students will audit the program before it goes live to further ensure a quality presentation.

What’s different or unusual about teamwork?

The pre-planning required for everyone to meet their deadlines puts me in the development driving seat during the busiest time of year. Instead of indulging in holiday parties, I’m timing segments and writing objectives for what will be presented in March 2016. More importantly, instead of depending solely on myself, I’m discovering what we produce as a team, together, is far greater than any single contribution.

As I first noted, I find myself challenged, grateful for and awed by the opportunity to put Marketing with Social Media – ONLINE.

Conclusion: UNMCE, social media & Quest 2016 converge well

This Fourth Quarter 2015 initiative marks my re-commitment to ‘business as unusual.’ You may have heard me discuss Jeffrey Davis and his Tracking Wonder tour which I attended during July in Albuquerque. Jeffrey made a passionate presentation suggesting we all do ‘business as unusual.’ Since that time, I’ve given attention to details that comprise the unusual. In November, I took THE pledge:

“As a business artist, creative, entrepreneur, I am dedicated to living 2016 differently. I am living the year as a quest to make my best work, make a difference, and make a right livelihood while bringing out the best in others. My quest counters business as usual and contributes to business as art.”

Read more about #Quest2016 and take your own pledge here.

Thanks to Jeffrey Davis and the Tracking Wonder Tour for inspiring me to #Quest2016, business as unusual. This class will be a part of the theme.

Concentrate on Social Media With Fall Classes at UNMCE

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Three classes, each of which emphasizes Social Media, comprise my Fall offerings for UNMCE. They include:This rainbow illustrates the pot of gold some look for with social media.

Marketing with Social Media I | #55631

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or ways to stand out as a job applicant.

Tuesdays, 10/6/15 – 10/20/15

Marketing with Social Media II | #55632

Go beyond tweets, likes and plus 1’s as you focus on your customer and their needs. Refine your social media purpose and discover creative ways to use Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube for business with content, timing, special tips and tools. Learn to take your business beyond superficial pages and posts that will continue to provide ROI as you review integrated social media campaigns, audit your own social media, develop a synchronized editorial calendar and a social media checklist.

Tuesdays, 10/27/15 – 11/10/15

Self-Promotion for Artists|#55622

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result.

Wednesdays, 10/14/15 – 10/21/15

The scope of each class has shifted as UNMCE recently adjusted hours for various certificates. Because each class is shortened, participants may find it easier to complete the offerings or work them into an otherwise full schedule life.

As a business artist myself, I emphasize simple explanations, a step-by-step way in which to incorporate and market with social media. My purpose in teaching is to share best practices and encourage students to use the medium in ways that serve rather than overwhelm.

The hours spent in these classes will shine a different perspective on social media, allowing participants to connect it to purpose. Once the “why” is identified, the work itself becomes more rewarding. With tools, systems and an overall plan, the time involved is streamlined and the results become more focused.

During each class, students complete practical interactions around questions about Social Media including:

  • What posts work?
  • How do I expand my audience?
  • What is the difference between local attention for a brick and mortar business and marketing a service?
  • How is a post on Facebook different from one on Google+?
  • Is Pinterest worthwhile?
  • Why do I need a different bio on LinkedIn and Instagram? How are bios the same?

In addition to a review of each channel’s advantages and disadvantages, participants experience peer review as they work on practical applications of the materials.

The Advanced class focuses on specific campaign techniques to create return. Students will find the sections complement and build on each other.

Self-Promotion for Artists begins October 14, 2015. You can see the course description (above) or this earlier blog post for detailed information about this class.

Choose easy registration for UNMCE classes.

Self Promotion for Artists Practices Business as Unusual

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Do you participate in self promotion for artists? No? You may wish to revise that statement. There’s a call to do business as unusual. Do business as art.

©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Needle’s Eye – Custer State Park South Dakota

©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Needle’s Eye – Custer State Park South Dakota

As a freelance business consultant, I find myself exploring how to expand my business presence with integrity in a world of increasing loudness. There’s little comfort in knowing nearly 50% of us are now working for ourselves. But there is understanding in realizing  the art of business is in the story your business must sell.

Like many artists, my initial response to the ongoing online clamor was withdrawal, a choice to get ever quieter. Thanks to a #DaretoExcel challenge from Jeffrey Davis and the Tracking Wonder Tour I’m on a path to create impact as a business artist.

In fact, the language and the practice makes a perfect introduction to my latest class for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education: Self promotion for Artists, #55622.

This two-week series which begins August 13, 2015, looks at marketing through a different lens.

How are you remarkable?

What if you could tell that story?

The course description for class #55622 is simple:

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result. Prerequisite: None.

The experience of participants is more profound. Andrea, a past participant said,

“Mary Ellen really helped open my eyes to the many different marketing tools that are available. She was very helpful and resourceful.” – Andrea

When asked what they like best about the class others have commented:

  • Conversations. Interactive format.
  • Feedback: peer feedback, teacher feedback.
  • Good info on how to promote yourself. It’s helpful that this class is hands-on and not just info by powerpoint

Practical exercises will provide students with tools for immediate use. Students will develop:

  • Professional bio or about
  • Professional signature
  • Professional intro
  • Fact Sheet or FAQ
  • Initial press release

As a result of this series, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the difference between branding, marketing and advertising. Each student will identify their foundation for authentic branding
  • A focus on marketing outcomes
  • Clear ways to describe themselves and their business
  • An overview of basic publicity/visibility options including general press release how-to’s in order to publicize work effectively on and offline
  • An intro to social media, the new PR effort, and details about its impact
  • A one page marketing plan outline to enable a simple and easy marketing process

Sign up details: Six Easy Ways to Register

  • UNM CE #55622, Self-Promotion for Artists
  • 6pm – 8:30pm, Thursdays August 13 and August 20, 2015
  • $125.00 fee
  • Discounts may apply

How will you promote yourself?

Marketing With Social Media Class

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Marketing with Social Media continues to challenge businesses and marketers alike. There is no one easy answer. Hundreds of online classes and dozens of local seminars promise easy solutions.Speech bubble with words social media class.

Consider resources such as those offered from University of New Mexico Continuing Education, (UNMCE). Many UNMCE classes are now web-enhanced, a blend of in-person and on-line offerings, which means participants receive additional learning opportunities outside the classroom.

The next UNMCE Marketing with Social Media Class (#55623) begins 7/14/15. For three hours each Tuesday evening, 6pm – 9pm, students will explore social media from these perspectives:

Why is it so important? In addition to factual evidence pointing to social media’s impact, participants will discuss the why of their participation in social media.

Where do I begin? With channel proliferation exploding, how do you evaluate what’s right for your business? This course offers an overview of six major channels and discusses how they can augment your social efforts.

How do I remember? A simple acronym, DYNAMIC, provides a guide to social media efforts and a strategic lifeline for those without a plan.

How do I make it work? Using a system outlined with the acronym DYNAMIC, participants can organize, view and deal with social media.

How do I make my social media better? Throughout the three-week session, participants will discuss and view examples of effective and ineffective posts.

What’s in the web-enhanced portion of the class? The web-enhanced portion of Marketing With Social Media enables a deep dive into each portion of the class offerings with videos, case studies, examples, and a forum to cover your specific questions.

Give me the details:

Marketing With Social Media, #55623

6pm – 9pm, Tuesdays, 7/14/15, 7/21/15, and 7/28/15

UNMCE, South Building, Room 207


If you have yet to garner the results you want from social media, consider spending time ON studying social media rather than doing it. Enroll in UNMCE’s Marketing with Social Media class which begins July 14, 2015.

Register here.

Use Social Media to Share Authentically and Effectively

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Author and marketing guru Seth Godin wrote: “You are what you share.”

Are you sharing excellent content?

Are you sharing excellent content?

If your sharing fails to meet your own personal criteria of excellence, consider enrolling in Marketing with Social Media, class #55623 for UNM Continuing Education, a three week dive into using social media to market beginning March 25, 2015.
My thanks to the small cadre of professionals at UNMCE who help me present web-enhanced class sessions. The takeaway is a robust offering, one in which there is background, further explanations and resources, and an opportunity to discuss questions outside the classroom.

Participants receive several benefits:

  • Small sessions that emphasize interactive participation
  • Value-based curriculum which means participants benefit from real-life examples, not just theory
  • Practical application opportunities that can be immediately implemented
  • Peer-level feedback, so you understand how messages are received
  • Additional resources and recommendations for further information

Marketing with Social Media is a strategic presentation. Each session concentrates on helping you achieve your goals in social channels of your choosing. While individual channels are discussed in detail — especially the big six: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter – the emphasis is on incorporating social tactics into every aspect of marketing.

I’ve long been a proponent of planning and strategy. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing explains the necessity of planning succinctly in his e-book, Strategy Matters. If you do nothing else, download this free ebook and read it thoroughly.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Suz Tzu

Your social media marketing strategy is a concise explanation of your social media game plan, something you will develop in these three sessions.

Class details:

Marketing with Social Media, Class #55623


6pm – 9pm three Wednesdays, March 25, April 1 and April 8



Are you in?

Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Go With Continuing Education

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Readers of this blog know I teach for UNM Continuing Education. This semester, I’m excited to create a web-enhanced class for UNMCE.bigstock_Social_Media_Street_Sign_21246740

Marketing with Social Media, UNMCE #55623, has a new component: students will log onto a website to post on a discussion board and do various assignments, upload assignments or read and/or watch assignments for class.

Web-enhanced is a natural component of social media. The process  mimics social media, albeit in a smaller fishbowl. It makes it simple for class participants to truly start where they are and connect with each other.

These connections form a basis for understanding, experimentation and learning, each key to success with social media.

Frequently students of this class make comments such as these when they begin:

  • “I’m not getting the potential out of my efforts on social media”
  • “What more is there to know about social media? You post and go.”
  • “How can I use social media to get the word out about my business?”
  • “I’m promoting my business but nothing’s happening. What am I doing wrong?”

Like advertising, there is little black and white about social media. It must be experienced to be understood. Some concepts are easily grasped. Others must be seen to be understood.

The advantage of this learning series is that participants practice class principles during the time between sessions and can ask questions related to the experience. Web-enhanced exercises can offer peer feedback in addition to additional resources customized to individual needs.

For those who want confirmation beyond case studies and theories, Marketing With Social Media is a great solution.

Each class session focuses on best practices for social media. Participants develop a simple formula to systematize social media and receive handy checklist handouts for each of the big six social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. At the end of the class series, students present their social media game plan.

Class #55623, Marketing With Social Media, Description:

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or ways to stand out as a job applicant.

Tuition: $239.00

Thursday evenings, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

10/30/14 – 11/13/14

There are six easy ways to register at UNMCE.   

 If you’re ready to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go, sign up now.

If you need more information or to ask a specific question, email me.

Identify a Parallel and Enjoy the Personalized Message

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When Anita Luvera Mayer  described the purpose of her art, her verbiage painted a picture. Concepts clicked. Parallels revealed themselves. In short, the earth around me moved. “Creative Cloth,” her DVD, became less about color discharge, wrapped rings and appliques, and more about creative problem solving.

Anita’s enthusiasm for communicating illustrated for me a new way in which to talk about social media. It happens that way. When you find the solution right for you, there’s a knowing in the core of your being.

I saw connections between terms:bigstock-An-image-of-a-nice-clock-with--23918366

Plan – a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

Guide – a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision about something

System – a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular

Process – a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end

Framework – a basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text

By any name – plan, guide, system, process, framework – the results can be the same. One comment presented at the perfect time changes your perception and subsequently, your results. Or, as the saying goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

My UNMCE summer class offers a framework for Marketing with Social Media.

Beginning July 8, 2014, this three-week deep dive covers questions such as:

  • What really works in social media now?
  • How can I “come back” from my lack of presence on Facebook and other social channels?
  • What’s really important with social media? I spend a ton of time and get little return.
  • Show me an effective post for my business.
  • What are general best practices for each of the top social media channels?
  • How do I translate this knowledge to something that can work better for me?

Typically, UNMCE class size is small, less than 10 people total. This means participants receive individualized attention and can explore questions specific to their industry or business.

We’ll work through the questions in a sequence of presentations and exercises designed to change how you look at social media, what you expect from your social efforts, and how you execute and evaluate the work you put into social channels.
While I can’t promise you’ll be as excited about social media as I got about stacked beading, it’s just possible that you’ll find a parallel you can apply.

Class #55623 Marketing with Social Media
When: 6pm – 9pm, three Tuesdays, July 8 – July 22, 2014
Where: UNMCE – South Building
Investment: $239.00

Register online 

A different class, Marketing and Self Promotion for Digital Artists begins July 29th and covers additional items such as bios and press releases that tie into social media.

#55622 Marketing and Self Promotion for Digital Artists
When: 6pm – 9pm, two Tuesdays, July 29-August 5, 2014
Where: UNMCE – South Building
Investment: $179.00
Register online 

What parallel could you uncover to catalyze you to new heights with social media?

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