Untangle the Marketing Knot

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Stymied by marketing?

Fed up with social media that sucks your time and offers little or no return?

Disgusted that your competitor got a feature in the local paper and you did not?

Tired of hearing promise after promise about the four hour work week as you put in 40, 50 or 60 hours of effort?

You’re not alone.

It’s time to stop the insanity. Do something different. If your New Year’s resolution involves changing your marketing results, look no further.

“The Six Week Marketing Master Plan” untangles today’s many marketing channels. (Disclosure: I collaborated with designer and web specialist Maria G. Nozza to produce the book in 2009.)

A group of dedicated consultants and coaches is now working through the program. Revision 1.11 launches later this month.

During the past year dozens of professionals have used this system to set and achieve marketing goals. They’ve produced detailed marketing plans customized for each of their businesses.

The Six Week Marketing Master Plan gives structure and streamlines efforts. Participants learn a systematized method to customize collateral and define tactics for visibility.
A new group now forming begins the week of January 24, 2011. For details, complete this contact page.

Each participant receives the revised, expanded and updated Six Week Marketing Master Plan. Classes, limited to 10, meet weekly for three hours.

Six week classes also begin in March and April.

“This program helps you sort and prioritize so you know which business efforts help you succeed,” commented author and facilitator Mary Ellen Merrigan.
“Don’t let another year pass without accomplishing the marketing goals you choose.”

Re-brand: Goodbye and Good Luck!

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A brand builds loyalty, defines your competitive advantage and focuses your marketing effort, adding value to the firm in the process.

“A brand is the one thing that you can own that nobody can take away from you,” says Howard Kosgrove, vice principal of marketing at Lindsay, Stone and Briggs Advertising.  “Everything else, they can steal.”

I’ve spent time redefining my brand during the past few months. As a result, I’ve said goodbye to Connecting Point Communications.

In previous posts at my blog, (www.ProfitMeister.com) I described challenges associated with walking your talk, taking big steps, and otherwise changing your brand.

Like many businesses, I found myself nurturing an emotional attachment to my logo and url. (NOTE: In addition, I had a financial investment in the logo and its associated collate.)

In addition to the logo, my brand was constrained with a URL not directly its name, (MyConnectingPoint.com) an additional problem when it came to Google search.

When I corrected the problem with a redirect from an even longer url, (ConnectingPointCommunications.com), I created even more problems. On Monday, February 8, 2010 I transitioned both urls to MerriganGroup.com.

Getting branding right becomes a process, one that affects all aspects of your business. Fortunately for me, the hard-learned lessons I’ve encountered provide stepping stones for my clients, helping them build their brand better, stronger, and faster.

Meanwhile, I continue to move forward. In your perusal of this site (MerriganGroup.com) and my blog (ProfitMeister.com) you may discover mentions of Connecting Point or even see the logo on some of my resources. Bear with me. I could have waited to make the change until everything was ready, but it might never have occurred.
So, it’s goodbye to Connecting Point Communications. Good luck, Mary Ellen, with your branding of Merrigan Group, LLC.

Brand Clarification: Clear Messages Sell

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Connecting Point Communications migrates to Merrigan Group, LLC later this month.

The move, part of a series of “smart marketing strategies,” is the result of a branding audit conducted in third quarter, 2009.

“Clutter kills the message. No matter how consistent I tried to be, people got confused because the relationship between Connecting Point Communications, Merrigan Group, LLC and ProfitMeister was unclear. I diluted my brand with multiple messages,” Mary Ellen said.

Branding problems are common obstacles for small business owners, especially solopreneurs, the focus of Mary Ellen’s consulting practice.

“I’m building a presentation about my identity crisis,” she laughed. “It’s called ‘Marketing Mistakes I Made While Developing a Marketing Plan’, OR ‘How three websites, two company names and a logo collided’.”

In addition to the workshop, Mary Ellen is producing an e-book to help small business owners avoid her mistakes.

“I outlined my program and then got 10 of my friends to go through it,” she said. “The completed product will launch after the first of the year.”

Mary Ellen formed Merrigan Group, LLC in 2003 to provide marketing and publicity consulting for small business owners. Her blog, ProfitMeister, features smart marketing strategies D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself. She has developed successful D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) smart marketing strategies for a wide range of clients and promotes the benefits of combining traditional and social media to build loyalty and marketing return on investment.

ProfitMeister Special Report “Tell the World” part of Value Offerings

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When Life Coach Leslie Gail launches her new book, Life Simplified, Tuesday, February 24, Mary Ellen Merrigan’s Special Report, “Tell the World” is one of fifteen value offerings.

Mary Ellen joins a host of other authors, including Marci Scimoff, of “Happy for No Reason” in adding bonus products to boost Leslie Gail’s launch status on Amazon.com.  The bonus offerings are part of a continuing trend in publishing as authors create buzz and value for their products.

Buy Life Simplified on Tuesday, February 24th only, and receive $800 in bonus products. Leslie’s goal is to achieve best-seller status in just one day.life-simplified1

Leslie poses the following questions:
Have you ever procrastinated making changes in your life because of feelings of fear or overwhelm with the process? Are you tired of struggling or feeling like you are constantly swimming upstream? Would you like to live a more purposeful and passionate life?

Chapter titles in Life Simplified include: Be in the Moment, Embrace More Gratitude in Your Life, Learn to Get Your Own Needs Met First, Handle Stress With Ease, Learn the Key to Success, Live a Life of no Regrets, and Bring More Passion into Your Life.

For more information, review details at New Life Focus.

Merrigan Emphasizes Local Business as AIBA President

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“Local business always makes sense. It makes dollars and sense in a tough economic climate because statistics show dollars spent locally circulate more and thus mean more to the local economy.”

As this year’s president of the Albuquerque Independent Business Association, Mary Ellen Merrigan focuses on the power of grassroots. “The time to support each other is now,” she states. Small business owners need to band together. Business as usual is not a given.”

AIBA set a goal of 500 memberships, doubling in size for 2009. In response to a tightened economy, the group provided a stimulus with lowered membership pricing ($99) for the year. Value offerings for members include networking, educational events and advocacy.

Issues of particular concern include health care for small business; AIBA participates in a McCune Foundation study on that topic. The organization was also represented at the Mayor’s economic summit earlier in January.

The group sponsors “I Love ABQ” in February. Monthly think tanks serve as brainstorming opportunities for local members. A networking event each month is free to members as are monthly Lunch ‘N Learns which concentrate on web strategies.

AIBA is dedicated to preserving and improving Albuquerque’s unique character by supporting local, independent businesses. Mary Ellen serves as the fifth president. Other board members include: Mary Schmidt, immediate past president and special projects; F. Leroy Pacheco, The Loan Fund, vice president; Arian Gonzales, Cervantes Food Products and Martha Doster, Body Bueno, co-secretaries; Gail Martinez, Business Solutions, treasurer; Myra Ghattas, Slate Street Café, Marketing Chair; Ken Groggel, Designer’s Marketplace, sponsor coordinator; and D. J. Heckes, EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing, membership. Rebecca Dakota serves as Executive Director for the organization.

For a complete list of activities and information on joining the organization see keepitquerque.com.

Find and Implement the Perfect Pitch™ for Your Business

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For Immediate Release
DATE: August 22, 2008
Find and Implement the Perfect Pitch™ for Your Business
Interviews Underway for Albuquerque Market-LINK Series

Albuquerque, NM – Entrepreneurs electing to work on their business instead of in it would do well to consider Market-LINK, a proven curriculum from WESST, a New Mexico non-profit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Mary Ellen Merrigan, local entrepreneur, marketing and publicity consultant, facilitates the program beginning September 22, 2008.

Market-LINK is a multi-week intensive sales and marketing training program based on Perfect Pitch, a curriculum proprietary to WESST that has served more than 500 students across New Mexico.

Mary Ellen who presented Albuquerque’s first Market-LINK for WESST in 2005, said: “The 27 business owners generated amazing synergy and made changes that dramatically affected their business and life.”

Entrepreneurs considering Market-LINK are encouraged to download an application online. Program requirements include:

  • 12 or more months of consecutive business revenue
  • A consistent time commitment of 8-10 hours weekly to the program
  • Willingness to maintain/report financials
  • Active participation in the classroom and completion of homework.

Market-LINK sessions begin on Monday, September 22, 2008 and run for 12 consecutive weeks.

Applicants who want additional information may participate in a round-table/interview session:
11:30am – 1:00pm Friday, September 5 at WESST, 700 Fourth St SW.

Use Multiple Publicity Tactics and Leverage Them Simultaneously for Increased Impact

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News Release


DATE: August 7, 2008

Use Multiple Publicity Tactics and Leverage Them Simultaneously for Increased Impact
Add an Online Media Room to Your Website for Visibility

Albuquerque — Mary Ellen Merrigan, Albuquerque marketing and publicity consultant encourages business owners to leverage new publicity tools for increased impact during her seminar “Let the Buzz Begin,” scheduled for 7:00am, Thursday, August 21, 2008 at Mile High Church, Lakewood, Colorado. The hosting organization, Business Honoring Spirituality, emphasizes deeper connections and promotes “A Work of Heart” as the 2008 theme.

Program co-chair for BHS, Karen Van Cleve, commented, “We felt our solo-preneurs and small business owners could really benefit from this marketing tactic. Online media rooms level the playing field, letting microenterprises compete with the big guys.”

Mary Ellen’s presentation encourages entrepreneurs to communicate directly with customers, prospects and members of the media through an online media room, an information-packed resource accessible from the home page. She discusses the fact that our 24/7 continuous news society trains consumers to expect latest information under the “media” heading.

Handouts for her talk include TipSheets for three starter pieces as well as a newsletter about an online media room.  In addition to her content-filled presentation, Mary Ellen will offer her book, “A Guide to Getting it: Branding & Marketing Mastery,” for sale.

About the Presenter:

Mary Ellen Merrigan is a marketing and publicity consultant, who coaches entrepreneurs to combine traditional and online media for snap, crackle and pop in communications. Connecting Point Communications, her company, serves small business owners and service providers as well as non-profits.

For more than 20 years Mary Ellen worked in the competitive arena of radio advertising and directed sales teams in business communications. Her experience “herding cats” and her background in media sales, management and training provide an eclectic perspective to position your business for greater visibility and profitable growth.

In addition to tending two cats, Mary Ellen beads, needlepoints, publishes a monthly newsletter, ProfitMeister, and maintains a blog about all things marketing at http://www.profitmeister.com.

New Book Offers Marketing and Branding ‘How To’

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bm-cover2a8aNEWS RELEASE

For Immediate Release
DATE: July 21, 2008

New Book Offers Marketing and Branding ‘How To’
Local Author Mary Ellen Merrigan Weighs in on Timeless Topic

Albuquerque, NM — Business owners struggling with marketing and branding have a new reference tool for their efforts in a Guide book that discusses an internal approach to messaging.

Local marketing and publicity specialist, Mary Ellen Merrigan, collaborated with eight other coaches to publish “A Guide to Getting it: Branding and Marketing Mastery,” available for $14.95 at amazon.com.

Everything is marketing,” Mary Ellen states. “Entrepreneurs can build their brand faster as a result of the ideas, stories and tools from business coaches who’ve been there.

Mary Ellen addresses loyalty in her chapter, The Evolution of Loyalty: Five Steps to Branding. “You build on self-knowledge and authenticity and then add platform identity, brand communication and client care to get to the five steps,” she said. She presents a Loyalty Audit on her website www.profitmeister.com and peppers her seminars with tales of loyalty gone right and wrong.

The theme of branding as an inside-out job repeats throughout the book. Each expert maintains that in a world of marketing noise or hype, authenticity differentiates the businessperson’s signature message from clones and wannabes. A forward note from editor, Marilyn Schwader promises: “Apply the lessons here and you will build your business in an authentic, inspired way.

Branding and Marketing Mastery is the tenth in a series of Guide books edited by life and business coaches and published by Schwader. For more information, see www.clarityofvision.com/guide.

Chapters and authors included in this book:

  • Creating a Visionary and Focused Marketing Strategy by Marilyn Schwader
  • Mass Appeal Equals No Appeal: Discovering Your Niche Market by Cheri Alguire
  • Attracting Baby Boomer Women to Your Business by Jane Lee Williams
  • Branding: The Soul of Your Business by Judy Winslow
  • Authentic Branding by Dawn Andrews
  • The Evolution of Loyalty: Five Steps to Branding by Mary Ellen Merrigan
  • The 7 Marketing Archetypes and How to Deal With Them by Dr. Miriam Reiss
  • Networking: The Insider’s Guide to Finding and Leveraging Your Best Opportunities by Kim Lysik Di Santi
  • Quantum Marketing by Jille Bartolome

About Connecting Point Communications:

Mary Ellen Merrigan formed Connecting Point Communications (http://www.myconnectingpoint.com) to help entrepreneurs combine traditional and online media for snap, crackle and pop in communications. For more than 20 years.

Mary Ellen worked in the competitive arena of radio advertising and directed sales teams in business communications. Her experience “herding cats” and her background in media sales, management and training provide an eclectic perspective for business positioning.

In addition to tending two cats, Mary Ellen beads, needlepoints, publishes a monthly newsletter, ProfitMeister, and maintains a blog about all things marketing at http://www.profitmeister.com.

Merrigan Named as one of Seven Excellent Women by Celebration of Excellent Women

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New Mexico’s largest networking event for business women, the Celebration of Excellent Women, named Mary Ellen Merrigan “Excellent Woman” September, 2007.


The Celebration got its start in 2000 when the Presidents of WE, NAWBO, AWC and EWI chapters in Albuquerque decided to host an “event.” Diane Furie, Event and Meeting Planner, founded The Celebration as an outgrowth of the collaborative effort.

 Excellent Woman 2007

Billed as an opportunity to meet, mingle, chat, network, celebrate, nibble and imbibe, the 2007 event honored seven women:

Deb Austin, Office Alternatives 

Kay Ballinger, Catalyst Financial Management, LLC

Martha Doster, Martha’s Body Bueno

Mary Ellen Merrigan, Connecting Point Communications

Mary Rothman, Advertising Art Design Studio

Mary Rutland, Human Resources by Mary Rutland

and, as the Original Excellent Woman,  Diane Furie, Diane Furie Event and Meeting Promotion

 According to the program, The Celebration of Excellent Women “showcases excellent business women that we appreciate for their professionalism, reliability, strong sense of community and desire to mentor or be a role model for those that follow in their footsteps.”


The certificate awarded to each excellent woman reads:

“Some women have a special quality about them. They give more and can always be relied upon. They see more and share that vision with others. They make life better for those whose lives they touch. These are Excellent Women. One of them is Mary Ellen Merrigan. September 20, 2007. Thank you for all you do. Albuquerque is richer for it.”