UNMCE Marketing With Social Media Online Is NOT…

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Is Your Social Media Up to Par?

Tired of beating yourself up about social media?bigstock-Businesswoman-getting-crazy-in-26987783

Do you feel the deafening sound of too much content drowns your meager social media efforts? Statistics tell us we’re receiving more than 700 messages daily but most of us think our personal number is even higher. The sheer amount of information threatens one’s sanity. Who can you believe? What should you read first? The promise of bigger, louder and more often continues. “Big buzz sells,” you conclude. After all, dozens of claims, each more astounding than the previous, vie for attention. Newsletters promise overnight results, if only…. Who can you believe? Is there really hope?

What if you embraced another way? Marketing with Social Media Online from UNMCE offers a sane approach. Let’s begin by examining what this class is NOT:

3 Things UNMCE’s Marketing With Social Media Online is NOT:

  1. This class is not a quick fix that will immediately elevate you to social media genius status. I’m suspicious of quick fixes. The louder the claims, (and the more frequently they are presented) the faster I run. Few people want to hear work is involved, especially with a class. I get that. However, if you’ll put in the time, your social media experience will change and improve. This class offers a system. Even more importantly, your class exercises can be immediately applied to your business. Throughout our time together, you’ll be encouraged to develop an awareness of what resonates and works for you. You will also receive feedback on your work.
  2. Nor is this class a substitute for the learning curve involved with social media. As you build your social media foundation you’ll find it easier to execute, but there’s no way of escaping the ‘new territory’ syndrome. Some challenges exist. Like a workout routine you haven’t experienced, social media requires attention and practice. It takes time to develop the pattern and timing best for you. You may also find, at least initially, you need to give something up to make room for social media interactions.
  3. Finally, this class is not superficial theory. Practical aspects of each module are stressed and highlighted with real-world examples, case studies and/or statistics. You’re offered bite-sized pieces of social media and guided to additional resources which can be explored on your own. In each session students apply principles to their business and their experience. Online discussion groups aid with this opportunity. Feedback is provided. Information from sessions can be immediately applied which means you benefit from day one.

Describe Class #55634 – Marketing With Social Media Online:

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Market 24/7 with an Internet storefront showcasing who you are and what you do. Learn about a range of tactics that can help you stand out: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website. Take charge of your Internet reputation. Focus on strategies for distinguishing your company from that of your competition or way to stand out as a job applicant.

Students begin with six major social media channels. The class offers an overview of strategic questions so participants can evaluate where to best place their efforts. While specific tips, hints and tricks are offered for each channel discussed, the strategic information for this course can be applied to the social media channel of each student’s choosing.

Of more importance is your “why.” What will be different in a year because you use social media? Why do you want to use social media differently? Will you commit the effort to make a difference for yourself?

Like it or hate it, social media is one of today’s most talked about subjects. It’s referred to as: “Overwhelming.” “Terrifying.” “A necessary evil.” While you may not rave about social media, you’ll gain a healthy dose of respect for and understanding of it as a result of UNMCE’s Class #55634, Marketing With Social Media Online.

UNMCE offers six ways to register. Investigate now.

Disclosure: This is a pilot class for UNMCE. I am the instructor for the course and am building the online offering with the help of the UNM Instructional Design Team.

Reinvigorate Your Social Media through UNMCE

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How’s social media working for you?

I ask the question with a straight face, yet I seldom get a straight answer.

People squirm, stall, answer my question with a question of their own, and in general, avoid direct responses.

My conclusion: social media, the most prolific marketing channel to date, makes nearly everyone uncomfortable.


Despite its exponential growth, social media attrition is high. People jump in enthusiastically and are quickly overwhelmed. Because the learning curve is high, some give up. Even social media channels change, so what’s the point?

If you hesitate to describe your social media efforts as successful, consider enrolling in “Marketing With Social Media,” a nine-hour offering from The University of New Mexico Continuing Education.


  • Course: #55623
  • Title: Marketing with Social Media
  • Instructor: Mary Ellen Merrigan
  • Time: 6pm – 9pm
  • Dates: March 5, March 12, and March 19 (Tuesdays) 
  • Where: South Building, UNM Continuing Education Campus, 1634 University NE, Albuquerque
  • Fee: $239.00
  • Register Online

This class will help you:

  • Identify where your business fits in social media channels
  • Detail your social media objective
  • Develop social media tactics to fulfill your objective
  • Decide if your social media messaging is on target and correct it, if necessary
  • Determine how you will judge your social media results
  • Explore a five-step framework to social media marketing
  • Study best practices
  • Review mistakes, analyze ineffective efforts
  • Define measurable results
  • Gain knowledge of resources to automate and systematize your social media experience 
  • Build a social media game plan to boost visibility for your business

You will receive practical social media checklists and action guides you can put to immediate use.

Say goodbye to half-hearted, inconsistent efforts.

Promise yourself results, such as:

  • Brand continuity
  • Consistent conversation
  • Engagement from your customers and community

Take the first step by enrolling in this step-by-step offering.


  • Course: #55623
  • Title: Marketing with Social Media
  • Instructor: Mary Ellen Merrigan
  • Time: 6pm – 9pm
  • Dates: March 5, March 12, and March 19 (Tuesdays)
  • Where: South Building, UNM Continuing Education Campus, 1634 University NE, Albuquerque
  • Fee: $239.00
  • Register Online

Hurry. Less than one month remains. Are you ready to reinvigorate your social media?


Promote Your Brand with Social Media

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The growing impact of social media forces small business owners to take it seriously.

A recent study suggests that companies of all sizes are re-evaluating their social marketing strategies.

More than 80% of those polled said their companies were failing to implement world-class social media strategies, although the majority acknowledged the rewards of social media programs outweighed the potential risks.

From a practical standpoint, mastering the learning curve of social networks is critical.

A course offering from UNMCE (University of New Mexico Continuing Education), “Marketing with Social Media,” addresses the problem, helping participants jump start their process.

About the course

The nine-hour series offers a strategic approach to social media. An assessment helps participants understand the gap between where they are and where they want to be, goals are established and tactical steps outlined.

Throughout the series, customized solutions are discussed.  Expert case studies offer examples of successes and failures in the social world.

As students dialogue their own options, practical answers begin to form. Systems and processes are discussed.

Homework specific to business marketing furthers understanding. Finally, a short term and long term strategy helps each learner understand how best to use social media.

Additional topics covered include:

  • Social media for brand promotion
  • Integrating the website with social media
  • The growing importance of location-based services
  • Advantages of selecting one social platform as a company hub
  • The difference between broadcasting messages and conversing with customers
  • Creative marketing strategies for small business survival
  • Realistic schedules for social marketing

A recent UNMCE Infobyte previewed this class. 

 My talk was filmed and you can see it here.

“Marketing with Social Media” details:
Class # 55623

6pm – 9pm, Monday and Wednesday evenings, November 7, 9 and 14
 Register online

Will you be part of the classroom?

Communication Presentation at Santa Fe Business Incubator Discusses 2012 Realities

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Seasonally New Mexicans turn off swamp coolers and winterize their homes in October. The fourth quarter with its cooler temperatures requires a different approach for comfort.

Similarly, businesses might evaluate communications in preparation for the New Year. The realities presented by 2012 demand a freshened marketing approach.

Traditional marketing plays the numbers game. It uses sales, advertising, promotion and public relations to send the message out.

The average person gets more than 2,000 outbound messages a day.

Trade shows, direct mail, television, radio and print advertising, all examples of traditional marketing, continue to lose effectiveness.

Studies show today’s customer chooses inbound communication, finding information on their terms. Can your business meet the demands of “real-time?”

In a presentation to clients at the Santa Fe Business Incubator, I listed five communication realities represented by these changes:

  1. Because of the attention economy, now more than ever, your message must be defined and honed for your ideal customer.
  2. Smartphones already play an important role in our lives. How mobile-friendly is your business?
  3. New tools to consolidate information emerge daily. Your competitive advantage may well depend on your use of technology.
  4. Interactivity is essential in all communication. This means the brochure website is dead. Not only must your website be interactive, but business must make responding to customers online and offline a priority.
  5. Nothing substitutes for smart goals and good planning. Begin now to define your benchmarks for 2012.

Evaluate your business against these five realities. On a scale of one to five, with five being strong, how confident are you about your current situation? Download the pdf now. Are you prepared?

City-sponsored Workshop Helps Local Businesses Do Smarter Marketing

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  • 85% of all marketers say social media efforts generate exposure for their business.
  • 65% of marketers have only been involved with social media for a few months or less.
  • The number one question marketers most want answered is how to track social media return on investment.
    –Source: 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael A. Stelzner, SocialMediaExaminer.com

As a local business you can’t afford to ignore the social media phenomenon. You must: conquer the time drain, decide exactly where you will focus your efforts, and act immediately to claim your share of the market.

In a presentation entitled “Social Media: Get Strategic, Get Results,” Mary Ellen Merrigan positions social media for local usage. The 45-minute presentation includes:

  • Best practices for Facebook pages, the hottest social media turf out there today
  • Examples from Albuquerque businesses making effective social media efforts
  • Tip sheets you can use to elevate your brick and mortar visibility starting immediately

“Social Media: Get Strategic, Get Results” is part of a half-day marketing and communications workshop sponsored by the City of Albuquerque Business Center. The purpose of the business resource center in city hall is to make the daunting job of starting and growing a business easier.

The workshop, presented 8am – 12:30pm, Tuesday September 21, 2010, at the WESST Enterprise Center, 609 Broadway NE, includes these additional offerings:

Tom Carroll, Carroll Strategies “Basic Marketing 101 – The ABC’s of Marketing
Doug Turner, DW Turner, Inc. “Press Release 101 and Earned Media – How to achieve successful PR”

For more information or to register, call 505-768-3222.

About Merrigan Group
Mary Ellen Merrigan, owner of Merrigan Group LLC, has developed successful, sales-building D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) smart marketing strategies for a wide range of clients and promotes the benefits of combining traditional and social media. A known marketing trainer and speaker, Mary Ellen recently published “The Six-Week Marketing Master Plan,” a workbook offering a step-by-step guide to marketing. Learn more at http://www.sixweekmarketingplan.com.

The immediate past president of Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, (AIBA) Mary Ellen knows well the problems facing today’s entrepreneurs. She delights in presenting practical, low-cost solutions that help you achieve a positive bottom line. Follow her blog, ProfitMeister, for DIY smart marketing strategies.