Mobile Phone Growth Launches Social Media Rethink

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Mobile Phones and Social Media Communication

“We need to become more familiar to our public. I see them using smartphones while they wait for an appointment. Often these customers have been referred into us so we need to reach individuals at the referring organization as well. Will social media help us do that?”

This woman is using a mobile phone and social media.

You, like this caller may experience concerns about social media. Maybe you worry the changing world will pass you by. Or, you ignore the obvious need to ‘get current’ and loudly tout your digital freedom. The fact of the matter is neither position gives you or your business an edge.


  • Five times as many smartphones are sold each day as babies are born.
  • Americans spend almost as much time in mobile apps as they do watching TV and 88% use their phones while they watch TV
  • Three of every four Americans bring their phones into the bathroom with them.
  • There are 1.4 billion smartphones. That’s one smartphone for every 4.5 people on earth. In comparison, there are only 2 billion PCs.
  • There are 191 billion emails sent and received on mobile each day. That is more mail than the USPS processes in an entire year!
  • The average American spends 3.3 hours/day on smartphones, over 2x the amount of time spent eating, over 1/3 tie spent sleeping each day and over 1/3 of the time spent working each day.
  • See the Infographic

People frequently access Facebook or other social channels from their smart phones. Before you join the crowd ‘just because,’ step back. Ask questions. Determine what’s right for you.

Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Ask and answer strategic questions before you begin a social media campaign and the likelihood of success increases exponentially. Strategic thinking by any name considers outcomes. In the example above, the caller identified two “customers” for messages: end users and those who referred them.

The process of staking claim to an audience is one many pass over, assuming ‘everyone’ is a customer. While the UNMCE class, Marketing with Social Media I, doesn’t define every audience segment for participants, it gives guidelines and encourages conversation about the topic, thus allowing peer confirmation.

Together students follow a seven-step process to plan social media using implementation of an acronym, DYNAMIC. (After all, you want your social media communication to be dynamic, don’t you?)

Marketing with Social Media I, class # 55621 from University of New Mexico Continuing Education (UNMCE) begins March 8, 2016 for two segments. The class offers interactive opportunities for participants to discuss their plans and begin implementation during the week between meetings.

In addition, UNMCE offers a follow up, Marketing with Social Media II on May 10, 2016. (Three sessions, 5/10/16, 5/17/16 and 5/24/16.) The weeks between late March and early May serve as a natural practicum, so participants can practice social media without overwhelm. What a concept.

While every class is different, one thing remains the same: strategic planning works. It helps you look at the big social media picture and then implement practical ways to get to your goal.

“How?” you ask. My standard answer is three-pronged: 1. Start small. 2. Be consistent. 3. Keep going.

If you’ve never developed a social media campaign, Marketing with Social Media I and II offers tips to begin. If you’ve been active on a number of social media channels without great success, these classes show you how to pull your efforts together and leverage them for more visibility.

You need not fear social media. Instead, as a result of Marketing with Social Media you’ll discover a system to implement best practices quickly and effectively. Mobile phones and their importance to social media will only continue to grow. Rather than hide from it, resolve to address mobile phone growth as an opportunity you and your business will meet successfully.

According to companies like A T & T, the ability to communicate is now the single most important factor for success. More than ever today, we must learn to communicate effectively on social media.

Wait no longer. UNMCE offers six ways to enroll at this link: <>


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