Self-Promotion for Artists Class Begins 4-13-16

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This artist might be interested in the UNMCE class, Self Promotion for Artists.So this is the year you decided to get serious about self-promotion, and it’s already March. Maybe you’d like to place pieces of your portfolio online in preparation for landing a job, or upgrading to a new position. Or, could be you’ve decided this is the time to add a client or two to your practice, and you want to update your image and relevant collateral materials.

No matter your avocation, if you’re considering the future, promoting yourself is on the horizon as well. Self Promotion for Artists, Class #55622, a regular offering from UNM Continuing Education (UNMCE) will give you the templates and the techniques to generate a marketing plan for yourself.

In a practical, high-content, five-hour class, you explore how best to promote yourself and your offering. You’ll come away with dozens of ideas about how to garner visibility. The interactive atmosphere encourages questions and hands-on learning experiences. For example, you will practice an elevator speech, discover why your bio is key to your success and learn what a media kit could do for you.

Need a press release? You’ll complete one as a result of this class and receive an e-book discussing how and when to use it.

Self-Promotion for Artists contains information useful to participants in a variety of Digital Arts certificate programs. Instructor Mary Ellen Merrigan is approachable and knowledgeable about publicity techniques.

A few comments from past participants include:

“Feedback about my bio was awesome.”
“I’ll keep practicing. This is a safe place to go forward.”
“I’m thinking about what we said about my website and how that impacts my brand and identity.”
“This was a great way to zone in on what to focus on for business. I’d not really thought about advertising myself.”
“Thanks to this class I can now pitch an idea. What an immense help.”

It’s always appropriate to invest in yourself. Self Promotion for Artists will assist you with that investment and pay dividends over and over as you apply the skills presented.

Registration information and class details:

Self Promotion for Artists

Course # 55622 – Wednesday April 13 & 20, 2016

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result. Prerequisite: None.

UNMCE offers six easy ways to enroll.


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