Self Promotion for Artists Practices Business as Unusual

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Do you participate in self promotion for artists? No? You may wish to revise that statement. There’s a call to do business as unusual. Do business as art.

©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Needle’s Eye – Custer State Park South Dakota

©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Needle’s Eye – Custer State Park South Dakota

As a freelance business consultant, I find myself exploring how to expand my business presence with integrity in a world of increasing loudness. There’s little comfort in knowing nearly 50% of us are now working for ourselves. But there is understanding in realizing  the art of business is in the story your business must sell.

Like many artists, my initial response to the ongoing online clamor was withdrawal, a choice to get ever quieter. Thanks to a #DaretoExcel challenge from Jeffrey Davis and the Tracking Wonder Tour I’m on a path to create impact as a business artist.

In fact, the language and the practice makes a perfect introduction to my latest class for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education: Self promotion for Artists, #55622.

This two-week series which begins August 13, 2015, looks at marketing through a different lens.

How are you remarkable?

What if you could tell that story?

The course description for class #55622 is simple:

Develop materials to promote yourself, your business and your art, product or service online and offline. From media kits to promotional calendars, your view of self-marketing will move forward exponentially as a result of this content-packed, practical class. Artists, designers and other professionals will plan and execute publicity tactics with confidence as a result. Prerequisite: None.

The experience of participants is more profound. Andrea, a past participant said,

“Mary Ellen really helped open my eyes to the many different marketing tools that are available. She was very helpful and resourceful.” – Andrea

When asked what they like best about the class others have commented:

  • Conversations. Interactive format.
  • Feedback: peer feedback, teacher feedback.
  • Good info on how to promote yourself. It’s helpful that this class is hands-on and not just info by powerpoint

Practical exercises will provide students with tools for immediate use. Students will develop:

  • Professional bio or about
  • Professional signature
  • Professional intro
  • Fact Sheet or FAQ
  • Initial press release

As a result of this series, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the difference between branding, marketing and advertising. Each student will identify their foundation for authentic branding
  • A focus on marketing outcomes
  • Clear ways to describe themselves and their business
  • An overview of basic publicity/visibility options including general press release how-to’s in order to publicize work effectively on and offline
  • An intro to social media, the new PR effort, and details about its impact
  • A one page marketing plan outline to enable a simple and easy marketing process

Sign up details: Six Easy Ways to Register

  • UNM CE #55622, Self-Promotion for Artists
  • 6pm – 8:30pm, Thursdays August 13 and August 20, 2015
  • $125.00 fee
  • Discounts may apply

How will you promote yourself?


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