You add creative ideas, accountability and action to your marketing when you put Merrigan Group LLC on your team. These days, no one can do it all. You need a smart marketing strategist to help figure out the best way to take your business to the next level.


Are you an entrepreneur with a dream of where to go and no time to get it all done? With the support and guidance of someone who’s been there, you can

  • align sales with marketing and financials
  • find and adopt successful best marketing practices for ROI
  • focus on profit and growth during challenging times
  • go from surviving to thriving

Add a smart marketing strategist: Email Mary Ellen Merrigan today to discuss details.

Solopreneur Track

Are you a small business owner in growth mode? Instead of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer, use the Solopreneur Track to work at your highest level. Your business benefits from the creative insight of a CMO who “gets” your situation and its challenges.

You get a virtual or in-person catalyst to revitalize your business, build and implement an aggressive, customized marketing strategy that includes an online media room and definitive visibility steps. A solid three month plan allows you to increase sales, make better use of social media and traditional marketing tools.

Email Mary Ellen Merrigan for more details.

Group Mentoring/”Feet to the Fire”

You are already leveraging traditional marketing tools and social media, but you need to take sales to the next level. Hold yourself accountable with my group mentoring program. A new program begins each month. Get an increased sense of direction, performance and profits with one of these group programs:

  1. Three month Online Media Room group
  2. Six month Publicity/Promotion Strategy Implementation
  3. One month Online Marketing Clinic

Email Mary Ellen Merrigan for more details.