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Without a social media vision, social media becomes a catchall for marketing outreach. It’s quick, easy and free. Many 50+ entrepreneurs embrace social media because they’ve been told it’s the new way. Most of these experimenters never define what they want social media to do for them.Mary Ellen Merrigan of Merrigan Group Albuquerque recommends you look to the future to create your social media vision.

In my work with those who didn’t grow up with a smart phone in their hands, my approach to strategy begins with simple questions about outcomes. I guide my clients to talk specifically about how their business will be different as a result of using social media. Together we define a vision.

Author Sees Engaged Group

Take Karen, for example. An author, Karen spent the past two years creating and editing her book while coaching a full complement of clients. She asked, “How do I create a powerful social media presence? I need to figure out where to spend my time.”

I asked my favorite strategy question: Given a fabulously successful book launch, what kind of changes do you see in your business audience?

She described a community of readers who embraced concepts and examples outlined in her book. One of Karen’s dreams included ongoing dialogue. She envisioned crowds who shared resources with each other and freely discussed the exercises outlined in her text.

As she talked, I took notes. Karen described an engagement process, one of the most compelling of all visions. Emotion involves the heart. When participants share from a place of caring, the seeming complexity of social media drops away. Truth drives engagement in such a way as to encourage shares, contributions and reflections.

Without this vision Karen’s posts would undoubtedly focus on educating her audience. She would share excellent quotes, compelling pictures, and certainly good tips and tricks about her subject (because that’s the type of person she is). Sooner or later, she’d stop, or share less often, or quit caring so much because she simply had not one more ounce of time.

With no vision, social media becomes just one more thing on the “to do” list. And who has time to eek out a few more posts just because…

Vision: how do you want it to be? Step number one in creating an effective strategy is to develop a social media vision.

If you’ve never written a vision statement, see this how-to article by Paula Fernandes from Business News Daily, Small Business Solutions and Inspiration.


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